Dorothee Berkle-Müller
Court-appointed translator for Spanish, English and German
Court-appointed interpreter for Spanish and German
Certified communication consultant



Even if communication between human beings apparently seems to be an easy exercise,
in reality, it evidently is a multilayered and complex matter.
Therefore, frequently misunderstandings, disagreements and conflicts are being produced.
In ATC’s communication workshops a special method of constructive communication competences
is being taught and put into practice.
If desired, individual conflict and stress situations of the participants could be treated in order to create
and experience alternative solutions based on a win-win attitude. 
You will be supported by coaching about dialogues in which this new method is put into practice.
Your awareness is being raised and your attitude towards an alternative response to
stress situations is being widened.
ATC is offering:
One-day communication workshops on the following issues:
- Women’s training on overcoming fear of conflict
- Conflict and stress management
- Quality management workshops on determined business matters
Furthermore, ATC is offering:
- Monthly training workshops "for advanced learners" of either 2 or 4 hours,
  in which the constructive communication method already conveyed
  is put into practice in role-playing games in accordance with the
  individual requirements of the participants
- Individual coaching of dialogues of conflict 
- Mediation
My aim is to identify and strengthen your strengths.
You can only benefit.
In 2007/2008 Dorothee Berkle-Müller sucessfully concluded the two term communication-consultant-course
at ISO (Institute for Systemic and Organisational Development ) based on the relevant elements of
the view of systemic and behavioural communication, of Rosenberg's non-violent communication,
the pragmatism of Schulz von Thun , Watzlawick and Simon.